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These are the major issues facing our city that need addressing:

  • Jobs - Bring employers back to Stanton and reduce unemployment
  • More jobs - Work to restore employment on Beach Blvd.
  • Safety - Fully fund Police and Fire Services
  • Neighborhood improvement - Fight prostitution, homelessness, and graffiti
  • Quality of life - Safety on Cerritos Ave. and on Beach Blvd.
  • Fiscal responsibility - Maintain a balanced budget and REAL financial transparency
  • Local over-taxation - Repeal the 2014 Stanton sales tax increase, work to remove the Stanton Tax on cellphones, water, electricity, gas, home phones, and other utilities


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10401 Yana Dr. Stanton, CA 90680

Kevin Carr has volunteered his time on events
and causes around Stanton, the local community, and Orange County for over 20 years.
In 2012 Kevin Carr single-handedly defeated Stanton City Council's attempt to
tax television programming and increase the tax on cell phones, electricity, gas, land lines, water
and other utilities. So, basically... he's one of the good guys.